Mehndi Season

We offer henna services for all types of events! Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, festivals – we are happy to work with you to make any event special.

About Henna

Henna is a natural reddish brown plant dye that is used to create beautiful, temporary body art. It lasts from 1-3 weeks, typically around 7-10 days. We take pride in making our henna from scratch, only the finest quality henna powder, lemon juice, and essential oils.

Our Artist

All of the artists on our team have at least 5 years of experience as professional artists, at least 5 years of experience doing henna, and special training in doing henna for large events to ensure that they are able to do beautiful, intricate work quickly.


Bridal Henna Charges Inclusive of transportation and henna drawing for both side hands & legs ankle length with henna supplies. 






























Mehndi Party Per Hour Inclusive transport and henna supplies - $180

Our ALL- day rate of $1250 covers an entire day of henna
For a worry and stress free day of relaxed henna goodness! This ensures that yours will be the only event your artist has booked that day.
An excellent value when you need a lot of henna.
(ie bride + guests)

* Max of 7hrs with 2 Henna Artist*

Guest Henna

When choosing henna for the guests, consider how many guests you’ll have present, and what you have available to budget for their henna. Keep in mind that the henna will last much longer and be a more unique, interactive experience for guests than the catering, cake, or beverages.

Standard guest henna at weddings is typically 5 minutes per guest (12 per hour). This allows for each person to get an authentic and traditional, but relatively simple, design on one hand. This is the norm at 80% of the weddings we do.

Typically, at a mixed-gender affair, 50-60% of guests will want henna (most women and children, and a few adventurous men).
At an all-woman super traditional mehndi party, closer to 90% of guests will get henna (even if they *say* they don’t want it before the event – they almost always will once they see it in person!)

Time to plan

for 5 minute designs, 12 guests per hour per artist
up to 24 guests: 2 hours with 1 artist
25-36 guests: 3 hours with 1 artist
37-48 guests: 4 hours with 1 artist, or 2 hours with 2 artists
49-60 guests: 5 hours with 1 artist, or 2.5 hours with 2 artists
61-72 guests: 3 hours with 2 artists, or 2 hours with 3 artists
73-84 guests: 3.5 hours with 2 artists, or 2.5 hours with 3 artists.

Here are some examples of designs that take 5 minutes each:


You’ll want to have your bridal henna done 2-3 days before the wedding. Henna takes 2-3 days to fully darken. In a pinch, you can do one day before, as early in the day as possible. You could also get away with doing the henna 4 days before the wedding (especially late at night, keeping it on overnight).

If you do bridal and guest henna in the same day, and you have a lot of guests and/or want some fairly intricate henna for yourself, you can take advantage of our all day flat rate! Often brides will do their henna in the late morning or early afternoon before most guests arrive, have close family and bridal party members get a little something in the downtime between bridal henna and mehndi party, and then open henna up to everyone at the mehndi party.

Other Tips

  • You’ll need to keep your henna on for at least 4 hours after it’s done being applied, and preferably more like 8. It’s best to make a day of it and not plan other stuff afterwards. If you absolutely must take the henna off after just 2 hours, I will give you every tip known to henna artist kind, and the color will probably come out okay, but I cannot 100% guarantee your color the way I can if you leave it for at least 4 hours.

  • Have a frying pan with boiling water (or chai!) on the stove, so you can steam your henna. Steam makes the henna set faster and get much richer color. Heat and moisture are both good for the color.

  • Do your manicure before your henna. Exfoliants and nail polish remover will kill your henna.

  • Do your spray tan after your henna. Spray tan creates a barrier that prevents the henna from working properly.

  • Take your contact lenses out before we apply your henna, if you wear them. Your fingertips will be useless for getting them out later.

  • Wear comfy clothes. You’re going to be sitting still for a pretty long time.

  • It’s tradition for someone to feed you while you’re getting your henna done, especially for a more epic 4+ hour session. Let them! (And make sure someone else takes these priceless photos… if she’s around, it’ll be some of the last hardcore mothering your mom will get to do before you’re a married woman!) Smoothies are fantastic henna day food. Grapes are good. Anything bite-sized or sippable.